Is the UK heading towards an obese epidemic?

In an age where ‘marathon’ and ‘sweatpants’ are more likely to mean an evening of Netflix and a takeaway, it is important people get excited about changing and maintaining a body they’re proud of.  Everyone has to start somewhere, and so called Gym-timidation is often a deterrent to people looking to make a change. Within many environments where both adults are working, time becomes precious. This being the case, many look upon exercise as a burden rather than a health insurance policy.

Getting fit doesn’t have to be a lengthy tedious process. Participants can see and feel the effects fairly quickly from a workout which takes as little as 0.05% of their day if they put the effort in.

Both during and after exercise the human growth hormone (HGH) is realised.  HGH is not only responsible for increased calorific burn, but also slows down the aging process. In particular maximal type training stimulates production of human growth hormone (HGH) during the 24 hours after you finish a workout. Studies have shown that maximal training preserves muscle mass, creating greater weight loss from fat stores. There are many other benefits include weight loss.

On the flip side lack of exercise and weight gain are amongst the biggest health concerns in both the UK and US. Lack of exercise can lead to an increased risk of chronic diseases, as a well as increased body weight which has been scientifically linked to cancer, heart disease, liver disease, osteoarthritis (OA), and type 2 diabetes.  According to studies people should be exercising averagely about 2.5 hours per week.

By Fatburn Extreme