Terms & Conditions

1.0          PRIVACY POLICY

1.1          Data Protection

Under the data protection act 1998 we have a legal obligation to inform you of how we intend to use the personal data you have provided us with. The privacy and security of our customers is important to us. This privacy policy explains how we use the information, how you can instruct us if you prefer to limit the use of that information, and the procedures that we have in place to safeguard your privacy. Your information will not be knowingly shared with any third party.

1.2          Personal Information

Selected details will be available as part of our ‘find an instructor’, site map, application. This feature is here to help promote yourself as a business as well as provide reassurance to the end user that they are taking part in a safe workout, led by a qualified Fatburn Extreme instructor, who has an in-date membership. This feature also safeguards the integrity of the Fatburn Extreme training system.

1.3          Updating Your Information

We take in good faith, and without prejudice, that the information you have provided us with is accurate. If any of the information we have for you should change it is your obligation to inform us.

1.4          Correspondence

Fatburn Extreme Ltd can change and/or alter the terms & conditions at any time should we feel this will result in a better or safer service. Continued use of the service will signify that you agree to any changes.  We will only contact you with information that we feel is relevant to the Fatburn Extreme system.

1.5          Consent

By submitting your information, you consent to the use of that information as set out in this policy.

2.0          TERMS OF USE

2.1          Legal

As part of the registration process you signed a disclaimer stating that you would adhere to the terms & conditions set out by Fatburn Extreme Ltd. Failure to do so may result in the termination of your membership, forfeiting all fees in the process.

2.2          Tracks

The voiceover music tracks are owned by Fatburn Extreme Ltd. The music tracks are provided to qualified instructors, with an in-date membership only, and have to be used in conjunction with the workout coach notes. These tracks should not be edited or adapted in any way. It is your responsibility to back up your tracks. Tracks will not be backdated for any reason.

2.3          Workouts

The workouts have been pre-designed by Fatburn Extreme Ltd and have been specifically tailored to provide a safe and effective routine. These workouts should be used in conjunction with the tracks in order to optimise results. The workouts should not be edited or adapted in any way. Workouts will not be backdated for any reason.

2.4          Marketing

The downloadable marketing material in the member’s area of the website is provided in good faith and without prejudice. This is to assist in the promotions of your classes and/or timetables etc. These documents are official Fatburn Extreme merchandise and the assignation is owned by Fatburn Extreme Ltd. Therefore, the material may not be adapted or altered in any way nor shall the official logo be displayed on any unofficial merchandise.

2.5          Promotions

Fatburn Extreme instructors with valid, in-date memberships are openly invited to attend any future promotions to advertise their Fatburn Extreme classes.

2.6          On-going Support

We will do our best to provide ongoing support to our Fatburn Extreme instructors. If you have any issues or queries we welcome you to contact us privately and we will do our best to assist and/or resolve any matters raised.

2.7          Misuse

Misuse of your position as a Fatburn Extreme instructor will result in termination of your membership, forfeiting all fees in the process.

2.8       Course payments.

The course fee is £178 and is payable prior to the course day. If you are unable to attend the course on the date you booked you should contact the team immediately. We do not offer refunds however we will take your circumstances into consideration and may offer an alternative date, location and /or venue.

3.0          MEMBERSHIP

3.1          Validity

You are only qualified to teach Fatburn Extreme provided you have a valid, in-date membership.

3.2          Membership Renewal

Following successful completion of the Fatburn Extreme Instructor Training Course you have the option to sign up to a membership status for £7.99 per month. Should your account be inactive for a cumulative 6-month period you will be required to attend a further Fatburn Extreme Instructor Training Course at full price.


4.1          Statement of Policy

The aim of this policy is to communicate our commitment to promoting equality of opportunity in providing any and all of our training products and services.

4.2          Scope of Policy

This policy applies to:

  • All learners who apply for training.
  • All training events or activities.
  • All resource and support opportunities that we offer.
  • All staff who are employed or contracted to work with or for us.

4.3          Equality Commitments

We are committed to:

  • Promoting equality of opportunity for all persons.
  • Preventing unlawful occurrences of direct discrimination, indirect discrimination, harassment and victimisation.
  • Fulfilling our legal obligations under the equality legislation and associated (Skills Active, Awarding Organisation) Codes of Practice.
  • Promoting a harmonious working and training environment where all people are treated with respect and helped to achieve their full potential.
  • Taking positive action, where necessary, to adhere to our Equal Opportunities Policy.

4.4          Implementation

We accept responsibility for the effective implementation of this policy.  In order to implement the policy, we shall:

  • Ensure that training course places are allocated solely on the individual merits of the learner’s suitability for the course.
  • Not discriminate or treat any individual unfairly on grounds of gender, race, disability, ethnic origin, religion, sexual orientation, or social background.
  • Aim to make reasonable arrangements to enable individuals with individual needs and/or disabilities to access the training on the same grounds as all other applicants.
  • Provide a consistent variety of teaching and learning methods and resources to cater for the diverse needs and backgrounds of the learners.
  • Review the training and assessment processes diligently to measure the effectiveness of the learning methods, training materials, and assessment process in meeting the diverse needs of the learners.
  • Provide individual support to individuals who have specific needs.
  • Ensure that staff take part in training and personal development to enable them to confidently and competently meet our Equal Opportunities Policy and maximise the learning and achievement of the learners.

4.5          Equality in Recruitment

  • Jobs will be open equally to all eligible candidates, and appointments will only be dependent upon an applicant’s ability to perform the job role to the standard required.
  • The necessary skills, experience and qualities for the position will be set in advance for the job and will be demonstrably measurable.
  • Applicants will be made aware of the criteria in advance and this alone will be used as a basis for selection.
  • Recruitment procedures will be fair, open and transparent.
  • The recruitment and selection team will be expected to operate within our Equal Opportunities Policy and practices to reduce the possibility of discrimination.
  • Fatburn Extreme training will be open equally to all candidates applying to undertake the course.

4.6          Complaints

Any learner who believes that they have not been treated fairly, and in accordance with this policy, is entitled to raise their concerns.

The complaint is to be directed to ‘The Director’.  Any complaints of discrimination will be dealt with fairly, promptly and confidentially.

We reserve the right to change our Equal Opportunities Policy without prior notice.  This policy is kept under review and subject to change in line with changes and amendments to law and any events that require the policy is updated.


5.1          Purpose

This Appeals Procedure applies to any learner who wishes to appeal against their assessment decision.

  • All learners are assessed against our published assessment criteria.
  • All learners who agree to take our assessment will have received full written and verbal assessment instructions, assessment criteria and support towards assessment completion.
  • All learners will be assessed by assessors who hold nationally recognised qualifications (Assessor Qualification and where relevant Quality Assurance Verifier Qualification).
  • A learner who wishes to appeal against an assessment decision may do so, following this Assessment Appeals Procedure.

5.2          Grounds for Appeal

Candidates may appeal if it is believed that:

  • The assessor was inappropriate in administering the assessment.
  • The learner was not given a fair opportunity to provide evidence to be assessed against the assessment criteria.
  • An unavoidable circumstance arose, which was outside the control of the learner, and resulted in the learner being unable to meet the assessment criteria as stated.

5.3          Appeals Procedure

Any appeal against an assessment decision should adhere to this process:

  • Complete the Appeal Form and send to ‘The Director’.
  • Include any supporting evidence and assessment paperwork in support of your appeal.
  • Send the Appeal Form + evidence to ‘The Director’ at the registered address.
  • On receiving the completed Appeal Form, we will confirm receipt within 10 days.
  • An external assessor/Quality Verifier will review the Appeal and respond within 14 days.
  • Additional evidence may be requested to enable a full and fair decision to be made by the external assessor/verifier.

5.4          Appeal Outcome

Following a successful outcome of an appeal, the learner may have the opportunity to:

  • Resubmit the assessment submission without charge.
  • Have their assessment mark amended as agreed with the External Assessor/Verifier.

5.5          Appeals Request Form

An Appeals Form is available at the request of any learner.


  • If you would like to run a Fatburn Extreme Instructor Training Course, please contact us:
  • Email – [email protected]
  • Mobile – 07886 903 837